Instant benefit

It might sound wired, but in networking there is no win or lose. From the beginning you benefit from networking and it starts by getting started.

Here are 3 aspects often forgotten when talking about networking:

Most people feel weak in networking. Wrong expectations are mainly the reason for this bad feeling. Unlike other „nets“ it is not necessary to add lots of knots to create a big net. Business networking starts with the first relationship.

Networks exist without investing very much time. You have to be aware that you are already part of networks without starting to network. If you have working relationships with your collegues, neighbours and other people you have contact with, they are all part of your network.
Those relationships can be usefull without ever having heard about business networking.

You feel uncomfortable when speaking to people you don’t know very well?
So, what could be usefull about networking if it does now work out well?
Even in those situations you profit from trying to get in contact with other people. Those situations increase your experience to start relationships. Every time you try you learn.

Feel free to try networking at different occasions and tell us about the results 🙂

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