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Once networking was associated with excelling smalltalk, VIP-areas and closed circles. For most people are impressed by those things they are afraid. But networking could be so much more and everybody could profit from it.
We start with the simple fact that people are connected. With the help of digital media everybody is able to connect, everybody collects contacts. Just add the number of contacts of your phone, FB, LinkedIn and other social media plattforms. To recognize that those contacts and resulting relationships are helpful, are the key elements of our understanding of networking. To help and to get help, support and get supported. You will see the enormous potential networks offer for everybody.
In the second step you can use those contacts and relationships not only by chance, but systematicly. Relationships have to be trust based and people need to know about each others goals and motivations. Authenticity is more important then eloquence. Everybody, no matter the gender, introverted or extroverted, searching for a job or beeing a successfull CEO could use contacts to get help and reach aims.

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